Manassas Tree Service

Why Trim and Prune Trees

Trimming should be as sought for as tree removal. Well-trimmed trees are significantly healthier and more beautiful compared to those that are not. Trees that are never trimmed can easily become unhealthy and look unsightly. In some cases, they can also be a threat to your safety. Most trees need to be trimmed every 3 to 5 years to ensure they are healthy and in perfect shape. Further, tree limbs that are touching your home will most likely void your claim for insurance coverage in case of damage occurs.

While anyone can easily learn the science aspect of trimming, its artistry can only be acquired through years of experience in the field. Manassas Tree Service knows both the science and art of trimming which makes us the best choice for the job. We will not over trim your tree and put your tree at risk of eventually dying due to health problems. On the other hand, under trimming can have no significant impact on the welfare of your tree. The key to the health and aesthetics of your tree is proper trimming, which we can provide.

There is a unique way to trim each type of tree depending on various factors including its crown, age, growth style, and how it fits your landscape. While we are doing tree trimming, our certified arborist can offer you expert advice as to the health of your tree. Unlike what a lot of people believe, trees will not grow as beautifully as you want them to be without a little intervention from us. Professional trimming will dramatically enhance the health and appearance of your tree as soon as we’re done with the process.

Tree Trimming Manassas

We make sure to comply with the guidelines set by the Arbor Day Foundation to ensure quality tree trimming practices are met. We follow a systematic method when trimming trees to make sure we eliminate the possibility of damaging the health of the tree. You can have a peace of mind that your trees will not be trimmed to the extent that will deteriorate its health. We will trim your tree professionally to restore its health and its natural structure.

The trimming process will commence with our representative coming to your property to assess the tree to be trimmed. We will determine the task requires heavy machinery or if there are obstructions along the way. We can discuss with you about the process and provide you with a verbal quote, followed by a written quote. You can decide on the most convenient time for us to complete the trimming process. We will have one primary trimmer and on to two ground service crew to keep the site clean. Our team will dispose of the wood and turn them into wood chips. When we’re done for the day, you will hardly see any signs of tree debris in your yard.

    Pruning, on the other hand, is a much subtler way of trimming a tree. We can clear small limbs as well as broken limbs and branches to encourage better growth.