Manassas Tree Service

About Removing A Tree

Among all other tree services we offer, tree removal is the most popular. It is also the most complex and demanding service we perform. Tree removal can be rather straightforward, but it needs expertise and experience to be done correctly. Manassas Tree Service has been removing all kinds and ages of trees since our establishment, decades ago.

We officially begin our removal service with a free no obligation estimate of the tree to be eliminated. We will assess how we can easily complete the job and decide which equipment to use without causing damage to your property. Whether we use our heavy equipment or climbing tools, you can get the same excellent results from our qualified personnel. Once you agree to the verbal quote, we can follow up with a written one sent via email along with our licensing and insurance coverage information. Then, we can finally decide on the day we can perform tree removal at your most convenient time.

Tree Removal Manassas

One of our staff members will get in touch with you and confirm our time of arrival. We usually give our clients a two-hour window to ensure our previous client is fully satisfied with our service.

As we commence the tree removal process, our team leader will designate tasks to each member which usually consists of ground crew, lead cutter, branch cutter, and chipper. We will meticulously dismember the tree beginning with the crown down to the main trunk. We will examine carefully lower each branch and limb we cut. Our ground crew will further reduce it to a size ideal for wood splitting. We will continue with the process until we only have the main trunk to work with. Ideally, the main trunk should be about 10 feet in height, and we will cut it to a level that is fit for grinding. While we are doing the removal, you can be assured that our ground service crew will keep the work site free from limbs and other tree debris.

Once the tree has been cut to only a stump, you can request to have it ground or completely dug out. If you prefer to have the stump ground, we will mill it as close to the ground as possible to help our Vermeer stump grinder do the process faster. We can haul the wood chips away, or we can put them anywhere in your property, per your instructions. After the process of tree removal is done, our ground crew will rake the area of small twigs and other tree parts. When we leave for the day, your landscape will look as beautiful as it first was.

We are completely licensed and insured to do all your tree removal needs. Our team is experienced and skilled to eliminate your tree professionally.

    Removal Cost

    Removal cost can depend on three factors:

    • Tree Size- The larger the tree is, the more expensive the service becomes because of the labor and equipment required.
    • Tree Location- If the tree is located in a hard to access area, the pricing can go up because of the precautionary measures needed to avoid damaging structures.
    • Tree Species- Multiple-trunked trees require more labor which can easily drive up the cost.