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The Difference: Stump Grinding and Removal

There are two possible methods to get rid of a stubborn stump. The first one is to dig it up completely from the ground together with the major roots. The second and the more popular option is to utilize a stump grinder to practically grind the stump below the ground until it is no longer seen on the level ground. Complete stump removal is usually done in commercial developments where foundation work is necessary. It can be an expensive choice because of the equipment and labor needed to complete the job.

Stump grinding is the most favored method by our residential clients. When it comes to stump grinding, we make use of our Vermeer stump grinders and mill the stump to about 3 to 6 inches beneath the ground. No two stumps are the same, especially on their level of difficulty to grind. This is because of a variety of factors such as their age, type, and size. For example, a new hardwood stump such as Maples and Oaks can be difficult to grind while older conifers like Pines and Cedars are the easiest to grind. Moreover, old stumps are less challenging to grind than the newer ones which are more resistant. Whatever the age, type, or size of stump you have in your yard, our team of experienced tree professionals can eliminate the sight of it in no time. With our premier stump grinders, no stump is ever difficult for us to remove.

The Stump Grinding Process

We follow a systematic procedure when it comes to grinding stumps. Our stump grinding process includes the following steps:

  • Clear the site using a shovel and rake of stones, twigs, and other debris that can hinder safe and efficient stump grinding procedure.
  • If the stump has not been cut as close to the ground for easier grinding, we will use a power saw to reduce further its height that is fit for grinding.
  • At this time, we can already bring the stump grinder in and place it 3 to 6 inches above the stump. We will then lower the grinder onto the stump to begin the grinding process.
  • We place the grinder over the stump and grind from side to side until we have the stump 3 to 6 inches below the soil.
  • Finally, we will make sure to clear the site, including the surrounding area of debris and wood chips. We can use our wood chips and turn small twigs and tree debris into mulch or compost, or we can

        haul them away. We will also be happy to replant or reseed the ground above the stump to restore its natural form, for an extra charge.

    Typically, stump grinding can last up to 90 minutes, depending on its nature. You can expect the job to be messy, but we will make it look effortless with our skills and equipment. We will go the extra mile and ensure the safety of your property and landscape. If you have several stumps in your yard, we can offer you a multiple-stump discount for a more affordable stump grinding service.