Manassas Tree Service

When You Have Storm Tree Damage

We never want to see trees damaged by a storm. Trees can easily fall victim to the wrath of nature and cause damage that is beyond recovery. Uprooted trees, fallen limbs and branches, and downed power lines can create dangerous situations that can be difficult to handle by an average homeowner. In situations like these, Manassas Tree Service will be quick to provide the much-needed help you require. We will rid your property of tree debris and other storm residues so you can quickly go back to your normal activities. It is not unusual for homeowners to be hindered by downed trees and electrical cables. We will remove all obstruction so you can have access to other areas of your home.

Storm damage can be avoided through early detection of issues in your trees. Manassas Tree Service can inspect your trees and evaluate its health to reduce the risk of it failing during a storm. In most cases, trees overhanging the roof and touching electrical lines can be the main reason why properties are damaged during a storm. Taking care of these situations before they can cause further problems can minimize the risk of tree damage. Give us a call so we can provide you expert advice on the health of your trees.

Emergency Tree Storm Damage

In the unfortunate situation where you have to deal with storm tree damage, don’t hesitate to call Manassas Tree Service to come to your assistance, no matter what time of the day is. Our fast and reliable storm response service is available 24/7 for your convenience. We understand if you feel the urge to clean the damage on your own, but we really don’t recommend you doing it. Large-scale projects like this should be done by professional tree contractors to ensure safe clean-up efforts. The task is especially dangerous if it involves electrical lines and other hazardous conditions.

The moment we receive your call, we will instantly use our storm damage action protocol:

  • One of our representatives will come to your home to assess the scale of the damage and begin the estimation process.
  • We will provide you with a free quote on the service we will perform and quickly follow up with a written one, the moment you agree to the quote.
  • We will immediately dispatch one of our tree care members to start the clean-up efforts.
  • We will determine all hazardous conditions including fallen limbs and damaged trees. Our team can also get in touch with third-party providers to attend to your other needs.

    • After making sure that the site is free from danger, we will immediately commence the clean-up procedure. We will clear all tree debris and carry them away or turn them into wood chips using our wood chipper.

    By the time we are done, all traces of storm damage will be out of sight, and your property will look as good as new. When you need emergency response during challenging situations like these, have a peace of mind that you can count on Manassas Tree Service to alleviate all dangers that hinder you from going back to your normal life.